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Movement Direction, Choreography, Video Direction


Official music video from Neon Gru's debut EP 'I Am A Bird'

Directed and edited by: Stephanie Sutherland and Anna Andersen

Cinematography by: Anna Andersen

Choreographer & dancer: Stephanie Sutherland

Filmed in upstate New York

Music & vocals by Neon Gru: Ny Oh, George Risk, Leon Itzler, Nuno Brito, Ru Lemer, David F. Walker 

clouds, bird, boat (while loop I)

Directed by: Zoe Rabinowitz and Stephanie Sutherland

Cinematography & Sound Design:  Galen Bremer

Short dance film created with and inspired by photos by A-CHAN, made in collaboration with Zoe Rabinowitz and Galen Bremer, with choreography and performance by Zoe Rabinowitz.

Featured as part of Sky and Cloud / Winter Spring, a photography exhibit by A-CHAN at +81 Gallery in SoHo, New York, February 15 - March 16, 2018.

Also screened at a GRRL HAUS CINEMA event in Berlin, Germany in July, 2019, with an original score by Galen Bremer

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