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Intimacy Direction & Coordination

Stephanie Sutherland Intimacy Director Intimacy Coordinator

Intimacy directors and coordinators act as choreographers, advocates, and liaisons for productions involving intimate material in storytelling:

we take the creative vision of the work and design a scene that honors both the boundaries of the actors involved and the intent of the director, staying authentic to the needs of the production while maintaining a safe and consent-forward environment.

As an intimacy coordinator (IC), intimacy director (ID) and movement expert, I work to ensure an atmosphere that is safe, professional, artistic, and consent-forward when dealing with material involving intimate moments in scenes for theater, film/tv, dance, opera and live performance. 

This can include scenes involving:

  • Simulated sex

  • Nudity/Hyper-exposed work

  • Self-stimulation

  • Kissing

  • Intimate Physical contact

  • Nonconsensual sexual acts

  • BDSM/kink

  • Queer relationships

  • Gender nonconforming sexuality

  • Nonmonogamy

  • Group sex

As an ID/IC, my goal is to align the artistic vision of the work with the boundaries of all involved. This means I act as a liaison with various departments to establish an environment that is safe and informed for everyone on the production.

This includes: 

  • Advocating for an actor’s boundaries and safety

  • Collaborating with the director to choreograph scenes involving intimacy

  • Consulting with wardrobe, makeup, lighting and crew

  • Discussing language/communication around intimate scenes

  • Establishing closed-room protocols

  • Offering closure practices to aid in de-rolling of the character

I work with diverse casts to ensure authentic presentation of intimate experiences that includes advocating for actors who identify as male, female, trans, gender nonconforming, BIPOC, queer, straight and asexual. 

photo by Emily Lambert


Intimacy Coordinators & Directors (IDC)

Intimacy for Stage and Screen

John McFarland


crafting character physicality

artful choreography

physical theater & comedy

working with dancers

working with untrained movers

working with differently abled bodies

language/communication for intimate scenes


Mental Health First Aid

Bystander Intervention

First Aid/CPR/AED

Yoga & Pilates

Massage Therapy/Anatomy & Kinesiology


  • Intimacy direction for theater, plays, musicals, dance, opera, live performance

  • Intimacy coordination for film, TV, commercials, music videos, photoshoots

  • Consultations on intimacy needs within a production or script

  • Workshops on:

    • Intimacy in theater, dance, opera, and film​

    • Consent & boundary practices

    • How to navigate intimate scenes in a university setting

about me

As an intimacy professional, I am called to do this work because of my love for storytelling in the performing arts, and because it is every person's right to feel safe, supported, and heard when telling these stories.


An expert in movement and movement creation, I have spent my life in dance, theater, film, and music, and am passionate about creating safe spaces in these worlds, finding unique, creative ways to tell stories with honesty and artistry, all while uplifting the art of the work involved and honoring the boundaries of the actors, crew, and story the director wishes to tell.

I specialize in creating powerful, considered, artful, and compelling choreography in intimate scenes for theater, film, dance, and opera. 

Having been a mover of 30+ years and a teacher of nearly 20 years, I am an expert in working with bodies of all kinds to find the movement and confidence available to each individual self.



Level I Training - Sarah Lozoff & Sasha Smith

Level II Training - Colleen Hughes & Charlie Baker
Level III Intimacy Director Training - Claire Warden & Cha Ramos

Level IV Intimacy Director Mentorship - Claire Warden

Intimacy Coordination with Regency Intimacy- Lizzy Talbot & Sylvia Fuhrken

Scene Work with Kink and BDSM - Dr. Timaree Schmit, Dr. Ayshia Mackie-Stephenson

Supporting Transgender & Non-Binary Artists- Maybe Burke & Tweet

How Unaddressed Whiteness Can Cause Harm in Intimacy Work - Erin Wehrenberg

Creating Spaces: Community Guidelines and Tools for Talking - Lauren DeLeon

Consent in Improv - Jessica Steinrock

Intimacy Professionals and Eating Disorders: Awareness, Assessment, and Referral - Bridget McCarthy
Lean Forward: Intimacy Choreography Analysis - Francesca Betancourt


Introduction to Intimacy Coordination - Lizzy Talbot


Nonconsensual Intimacy and Violence for Tv/Film and Theater

Mental Health First Aid Training - West Chester University

Bystander Intervention Training -
First Aid/CPR/AED Training - American Health Care Academy

Sexual Harassment Prevention -

Somatic Psychology - Asheville School of Massage & Yoga

Dance - The Alvin Ailey School, Fordham University (BFA)

Acting - The Freeman Studio, The Barrow Group, McCaskill Studio

Lights Film School - directing, cinematography, lighting, sound design, editing, and music video creation

Anatomy, Kinesiology, Biology, Physiology, Somatic Psychology - Rebecca Dietzel; Asheville School of Massage & Yoga

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