January 16, 2018

It’s so silly.  

I have this plant, she sits by the windowsill in my bathroom.  When she was bought she was a Mum, and her stalks stood stall and her purple flowers were in glorious bloom.  She was bright, and happy, and it was summertime and warm.  She was thriving.

As summer started to turn into Fall her flowers left, one by one, and eventually her tall green stalks stood empty.  She was still there, still bright, just flowerless.  Soon, one by one, the stalks that were so tall and bright began to wither, began to lose their strength and turn to brown.  Tall, hardened, empty stalks.

It was at this point that I started to prune those dead stalks, I thought maybe if I got rid of that which was not serving her, that which was pulling needed energy from her heart, that I could save her.  I wanted to save her.

So I pruned, bit by bit, and some days there was a torrent of dead stalks I would pull.  A palm full of dead.

I watered her, and I thought, “this will help you dear o...

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